We are a licensed New Jersey real estate brokerage firm with agents and broker-salespersons throughout the State of New Jersey.

Most of our agents have chosen not to pursue real estate full-time at this time but want to keep their license active with the possibility of earning a referral fee until they are ready to return to showing and listing properties.

Referral agents can refer their buyer or seller leads to Statewide not only for New Jersey properties, but anywhere in the 50 states.

Statewide does not belong to any Board of REALTORS or Multiple Listing Services (MLS) therefore, agents do not incur the costly fees associated with maintaining membership with these organizations. Referral Agents pay only an annual fee to Statewide and reimburse Statewide for license renewal fee to the State of New Jersey(every two years).

Statewide Referral agents will not have to attend annual continuing education courses after they have signed an agreement required by the Real Estate Commission that they are referral agents.

Statewide has an arrangement with NJTRecords.com that will allow each of our referral agents to access their web site for an additional cost of $53.50(Includes Sales Tax) annually (this fee is not prorated)

To contact us call 201-863-4490 or email: